As the first glossy digital Iranian magazine, Persianesque Magazine is the world’s connection to modern Iranian life, culture, style, and beyond.

In an effort to create unadulterated content and promote positive press related to Iran and Iranians, Persianesque Magazine accepts tips, articles, stories, announcements, press releases, and news related to the Iranian community-at-large.

In the Communtiy:

As a woman-owned small business and contributing member of the International Women in Media FoundationPersianesque Magazine proudly sponsors a female journalist from a developing country each year.

Planet Safety

While the definition for online publishing continues to evolve, so do we…

Life-cycle studies show that the CO2 emissions caused by the production and distribution of an average-sized 0.39 lb. magazine in the United States equals roughly 2.1 pounds–which is said to include paper from trees, materials, production, shipping and customer use–and scientists report a 0.39 lb. magazine results in almost 8 square feet of natural habitat loss.

Join us as we aim to break the boundaries in electronic publishing while keeping our planet green at the same time. Stand united with the paperless revolution by reading our online magazine.


Per·sian – [pur-zhuh n, -shuh n] ––Noun. A member of the native peoples of Iran, descended in part from the ancient Iranians.

esque – [ess-k] – An adjective suffix indicating style, manner, resemblance, or distinctive character.

ex.: persianesque, in the manner of the Persians.