NBC’s new (and free!) streaming platform, Peacock is running Iranian-American comedian, Maz Jobrani’s special: “Pandemic Warrior.”

“It’s great! Peacock has over 30M subscribers. So hopefully some new folks will be discovering me. Either way, it’s great to get your work out there.” Maz told Persianesque.


When we asked Maz about his recent outdoor improv show, he said: “It was lot of fun. They call it Drive-In comedy where people are in their cars and listening to you on their radio stations while you perform on stage and you’re projected onto a big screen.

“The energy was pretty electric with the cars honking their horns every time they heard a joke they liked. I believe Colin Quinn just did an HBO Max special with a handful of comedians doing that. I’m totally open to doing an hour special like that as well.”

Not one to let the pandemic hold him back, Maz also hosts a popular podcast called, “Back to School with Maz Jobrani.”

“My podcast is based on bringing on interesting people and learning from them. The best part of it has been to be reminded how many interesting people are in the world doing interesting things. We’ve had guests ranging from Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, to Firouz Naderi who helped land the Rover on Mars to Jill Heinerth who is a cave diver going underneath glaciers to discover new organisms. We try to make it fun and educational with me and my sidekick, Tehran interviewing these people.

“We cover serious topics and fun topics, but we do it in a fun way.”

Maz’s special Pandemic Warrior was originally shot in Dubai in December, 2019.

To learn more about Maz, visit MazJobrani.com or follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and/or subscribe to his Youtube channel.