Born in Paris, Iranian artist Sassan Bakhtiar, employs Western techniques like Pop Art and Photomontage to create a colorful collection of pieces emblazoned with imagery featuring Persian carpet designs as well as varying Iranian geometric styles.

Dubbed “a man on a mission to inform the world of the true nature of Iran…” by Harper’s Bazaar, Bakhtiar portrays an alternative view on Iran with an innate understanding that reflects on his subjects. His works originate from direct experiences: This approach nourishes a vision that’s vibrant and intimate, full of details within the genres of Bakhtiar’s preference; painting, collage, installation, and fine photography.

“My work focuses on the reintroduction of our culture, heritage and people to the world…,” Bakhtiar says. “[It’s] is colorful, expressive and alive, focusing on the positive….”

Based in Cote d’Azur, Southern France, and London, Bakhtiar is involved in projects that span from Dubai to New York and Los Angeles.

“I am currently working on a body of art films which is part of the Invincible series,” he says. “We are experimenting with something new with industry professionals to create a more interactive way of communicating the messages behind each piece to our audience, so, really excited on getting the first films completed and released!

“I have also recently started working on a series of works comprising numerous extra large paintings, as well as another body focusing on collages and photography.”

Sassan Bakhtiar, who in 2014  joined the Sotheby’s family of prominent international contemporary artists, will have a solo show featuring a new photomontage series “Invincible”, on view at  the Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery in 2017.

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