The LUZ fine jewelry collection is a piece of wearable art that you can conveniently display and enjoy on your finger.

Custom-made for the individual, the unisex line is boldly making its mark. At a glance, the intense level of intricacy and an ergonomically designed four-sided ring is a sure give-away of a LUZ piece.

Designed by Houman, the intrepid designer who is revolutionizing and upping the stakes within the luxury jewelry world, LUZ by Houman is redefining fine jewelry.

Launched in February 2006, LUZ is a twelve-part love story whose new twists are unveiled each month over the course of a year LUZ while fans eagerly await the discovery of unfolding developments in the LUZ story.

LUZ is a tangible expression of each complex emotion: Every line, curve, and gemstone is purposefully placed to depict its intended emotion.

Houman proudly introduces the narrative with his “LOVE” ring, followed by the “CHEAT”, “BREAKUP”, “ALONE”, “ANGER”, rings whilst transitioning onto a more optimistic theme through “SECRETS”, “FLIRT”, “LUST”, “OBSESSION”, “ONE”, and “ENIGMA” lines; eventually ending with the LUZ (pronounced looz and means “light” in Spanish) collection’s engagement set.

Available for men and women, the collection consists of rings, as well as bracelets, necklaces, chains and cufflinks. Featuring intricate patterns and flowing beds of filigree, the pieces are richly embellished with pave-set white and black diamonds and rubies and are available in Platinum, 18K White or 18k Yellow Gold, and Sterling Silver.

With CAD technology at hand, and a skilled team of master craftsman, the intricate nature of this and each of Houman’s collections, is made possible. (Each piece takes up to six weeks to produce.)

It is Houman’s personal goal to bring even the most difficult creations to life.

LUZ is available for purchase at select Neiman Marcus stores, as well as the LUZ website.