"Pretty Money Problems" by Elnaz Farajollahi

AB Gallery is delighted to announce the first solo exhibition of the artist Elnaz Farajollahi (b. 1984, Tehran, Iran) in Switzerland.

Farajollahi is one of the new discoveries in the Iranian contemporary art world. 

In her current works being shown in the exhibition, “West Turns Middle East”, the artist reflects on the role of women in Iranian society and often uses her portraits in various forms; full body, face, or in the representation of an animal.

“As an Iranian girl I am influenced by the contradictions in my society. Contradictions that have taken regular shape, and the only thing I do is to refresh them in my own mind, so as to stop them from becoming normal,” Farajollahi shares of her inspiration.

“This contradiction between inside and outside forms itself into a sort of melancholic surrealism in my art. Growing up in a strict patriarchal society causes me to look at myself through a male lens, yet it also gives me another perspective, which is to stand up against patriarchy. I prepare for battle as I put on my makeup in a sense. Girls [in Tehran] dress up, make up their face and hair and go out and party with their friends in closed spaces but at the same time think carefully about the time they’re outside. The anxiety is instilled in them and no matter how much they spend time on themselves the stress is still there. Maybe that’s why my figures have expressionless faces without eyes. People are trying very hard to compensate for what they lack inside, [by accessorizing their exterior] with glitter and bling.” 

Farajollahi’s work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Etemad Gallery, in Tehran, as well as the group exhibition, “Mise-En-Scene “, in Dubai.

Since early October 2014 Farajollahi has been participating at the “Artist in Residence” program of the Oryx Foundation, where she’s been creating new works which will be presented during her exhibit at AB Gallery Lucerne from November 23rd to December 20th, 2014.

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