Scheduled to be released on November 5, 2010 and available at, Iranian-American musician Roya Bahrami tells us of her new album’s essence: “It’s a reflection of our multicultural world and the incredible closeness of beings…I am also inspired by Rumi, the ancient Persian mystic’s teachings regarding ‘selflessness’, where one walks the bridge between the visible and invisible worlds.  As a composer, I have experienced this sense of awakening, which inspired the title song and the name of the Album: I Am I Am Not.”

What sound type does the album reflect?

“It’s Roya Ensemble’s original form of fusion that seamlessly blends Persian with flamenco, Latin, and jazz,” says Bahrami.  “I’ve also created plenty of space for improvisations that help mark each artist’s response to my music. These are included in Moon & Musician, Moonstruck, Carmelita, Stranger, The Beloved, and Message.”

Bahrami’s latest CD is filled with “original compositions and arrangements developed over the past three years, evolved with the formation of my fusion group ‘Roya Ensemble’ consisting of top talents in flamenco, Latin, and jazz.”

Check out the music video of Bahrami in action at the Gala Hispanic Theatre at the Tivoli Center in Washington, D.C.–shot with the generous support of Bahrami’s friend, Rebecca Medrano, founder of the theatre.


1. I Am I Am Not (Lyrics by Roya Bahrami)  هم هستم و هم نیستم

2. Moon & Musician (Poem by Rumi) introduction to Moonstruck with spoken words ماه و مطرب

3. Moonstruck (Poem by Rumi) dedicated to all musicians مهتاب رو

4. Carmelita (santur & flamenco guitar duet) dedicated to Carmela Greco کارملیتا

5. Stranger (Lyrics by Roya Bahrami) dedicated to all immigrants غریبه

6. Longing (Poem by Rumi) introduction to The Beloved with spoken words انتظار

7. The Beloved (Poem by Rumi) یار

8. Rebirth (Poem by Fereydoon Moshiri) بهار

9. On The Path (Poem by Sohrab Sepehri) introduction to Message with spoken words در راه

10. Message (Poem by Sohrab Sepehri) پیام