L to R: Masnavi in Black, Masnavi in Red--Enamel on Wood

As the first gallery in Europe to focus on contemporary visual arts from Iran, London-based Xerxes Art presents Iranian artist Simeen Farhat.

Simeen Farhat is an internationally renowned artist and academic who challenges popular perceptions in the West through her multimedia works.

Farhat’s text sculptures are used aesthetically as well as philosophically. Her layered and condensed texts use the amenable forms of Persian script as cluster formations, eliciting their linguistic power through an amalgam of visual energy and through allegorical references to Persian poetry.

By pairing female forms with poetic text in her installations, Farhat strives to show a nexus between mind and soul.

For Farhat a mind is free to think and a soul is free to exist, whether with or without the coverings of an outer garment.

By pairing the text with the ethereal figures, Farhat encourages not only a monologue between mind and body, but also a dialogue with the audience.

Exhibition Viewing Hours:
October 7 to October 17 – Tuesdays through Fridays – 11:00 -18:00
October 17 to November 30 – By Appointment

*For more information please visit: Xerxes Art