Ida Saki on So You Think You Can Dance

If you’ve seen Ida Saki’s mesmerizing and ultra-graceful dance moves on “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD), then like us, you must already be in love with this sweet Persian girl from Texas.

Saki’s strength and emotion, vividly seen and felt through her movements on stage, didn’t just impress the pants off the jijiz (judges)–a la KatDeeley–we were just as blown away by the 18-year-old Iranian-American’s rhythmic ability–goosebumps and all.

Nigel Lythgoe, the Executive Producer of SYTYCD called Ida an “absolutely exquisite dancer.”

And while another judge said Ida has “such dynamic range,” choreographer Tyce Diorio, just held up a sign reading: “WOW.”

Despite her unbelievable talent and skills, current sneak-peaks show Ida dropping out of the show.

We’re hoping that the clips are just some clever editing…We’d hate to see Ida go!

What’s your take?

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