Works by Yassi Golshani--L to R: Rupoush, Hafiz Divinatory Poems, Installation with sound 2002-03

Yassi Golshani grew up in Iran and gained an MA in Painting from Al Zahra University in Tehran. In 1996 she moved to Paris, where she studied at the University of Saint Denis-Paris VII and the Sorbonne. Golshani’s artistic practice moved from painting to installation work, and most recently she has created installations of boxes containing various items, from disbanded Iranian newspapers and religious poetry, to children’s toys. Golshani has participated in a number of exhibitions in Iran, Europe and the USA.

And now, in partnership with the luxury five-star hotel Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill, the official hotel partner of the Frieze Art Fair, Candlestar presents: Perspectives.

The second in a series of collaborative exhibitions staged in the hotel lobby following Iran Unbowed, which showcased three generations of contemporary artists from Iran; Perspectives will explore ideas of expectation and illusion–each of the works displayed is not quite as it first appears.

Perspectives features five highly distinctive artists – two photographers Emily Allchurch and David Maisel, two painters Patrick Hughes and Gerry Judah, and the young, Prague-based Iranian, Yassi Golshani. Each of these accomplished, exacting artists painstakingly constructs a world and then delights in breaking the illusion – either literally, as in the paintings of Gerry Judah where tiny precise cities are built up and then broken down on the canvas, or more figuratively, as in Emily Allchurch’s Urban Chiaroscuro, where surveillance cameras and mirrors, modern signs and graffiti and other contemporary details are positioned within what is apparently an eighteenth century etching.

Perspectives will interrupt the normal transition of image to eye, while challenging expectations of the display context. Rather than accepting what you see at face value, each artwork rewards further investigation to decode its subject and form. The works will transform the hotel lobby into a forum of participation, as they demand and repay interaction from the viewer. The show promises to be thought provoking, and is a rare opportunity to see these international artists together.

Perspectives will be on show at the Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill from March to June, and there will be a Private View on Monday 15 March, 6 – 8.30 pm.

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