Photo credit: Natascha Romboy

We’ve got some fantastic news for all you dance/trance/house/electro-music fans!

One of the world’s number one DJ/Producers, the über-gifted Namito (pronounced na-mee-tow), also known as the mastermind behind the sexy Kling Klong-released track that has been keeping us energized and feeling homesick for some major Tehran-style partying, Train to Tehran, will be performing at this year’s Winter Music Conference in Miami on March 24th, 2010 at Tangia Lounge in South Beach. (And at the 15-year Yoshitoshi anniversary event nonetheless.)

“I am really excited to play at the Yoshitoshi birthday party,”  The Berlin-based Iranian producer tells Persianesque Magazine exclusively. “I believe it’s going to be jam packed and filled with international guests.”

How does he feel about being a part of the mega-label that houses Deep Dish and many more chart-toppers?

“I was thinking about this a few days ago…[Being represented by Yoshitoshi Records] was a dream a few years ago, that has come true. It is a good sign that with hard work, you can achieve everything you want.”

Namito’s latest single, V, debuted on Sharam’s Radio1 Essential Mix and is now available for purchase on Beatport.

Click here to buy your ticket(s) now before they’re sold out!

The line-up includes: Audiojack, John Acquaviva, Spektre, Koen Groeneveld, Namito, Nicole Moudaber, Jaxson, Helmut Dubnitzky, KaiserSouzai, Pierce, and Visuals by Happy DVJ’s (Well Done).