The often-monikered “Bad boy” of Persian comedians, K-von whose name means: “Saturn”, in Persian, is by far one of the smartest and funniest Iranian comedians coming out of the West Coast. While he did grow up in Las Vegas, we assure you, you will not sense even an inkling of teardrop-drought while enjoying his side-splitting and constantly overflowing fountain of stand-up.

However, being able to send you into a roller-coaster of laughter via his hilarious comedy sets is not the witty Persian comedian’s only talent. Kayvon Moezzi (his real full name) is half Scottish, but he can also cook and teach you how to make “Zereshk-polo with Joojeh Kabob” – thanks to his ammeh (aunt: dad’s sister) – on a budget.

Real, good-looking, fresh, and hilarious are just a few words that come to one’s mind when watching K-von’s authentic and unquestionably rare comedic style.

Currently, K-von is touring with the number one Iranian comedian around, Maz Jobrani, who describes their tour dynamic(s) as “very headache free” and adds, “K-von is easy to work with and it’s been very fun to work with him. I see big things in his future.”

“He’s got a mole on his left butt cheek.” K-von’s tour-buddy, Maz Jobrani, also happened to mention to us when we asked him to share a secret about K-von that even his most devout fans wouldn’t know. Maz then continued that K-von is a “great guy” who “hustles and works hard” and that he “will make a good husband to a lucky lady some day.”

K-von’s own unique style of catchy delivery has already placed the rapidly rising star in the driver’s seat of the comedy-scene highway to success-ville, at “fast & furious” speed. To boot, his Farsi is not so bad either. And, yes, Persian girls/ladies: he loves you but, as part of one his sets, K-von’s on-stage persona remembers you as being particularly “impossible to approach”;

K-von: You’re beautiful Shirin. Can I take you out to dinner?
Persian Girl: My father already took me to dinner.
K-von: Can I take you to the movies?
Persian Girl: My father took me to all the movies. I don’t need you.
K-von: I want to buy you a lion!
Persian Girl: My father bought me two tigers. They’re in the garage.

With his piercing-blue eyes and wicked sense of humor, K-von is sure to have more experiences with Persian girls ahead of him. We just hope he eventually finds one that’s less baba-obsessed.

Enjoy Persianesque’s one-on-one interview with the kind, playful, and entertaining young Iranian-American comedian: K-von.


What is your full name? 
Kayvon Moezzi.

Where were you born?
I was born in Nevada.

When was the last time you were in Iran?
My family had a trip planned to Iran and they cancelled it last minute.  My dad said it was due to safety issues, but I believe it’s because he loves to watch movies on the couch.  He hates to leave the house to get groceries, let alone travel 14+ hours.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Las Vegas otherwise known as “Sin City”.  That’s why lately people have been calling me the “Persian Bad Boy of Comedy”.  I don’t even know how it came up but they assume since I grew up in Vegas a lot of things must come along with that.

How did you get into comedy?
While in high-school I used to crack as many jokes as possible while still maintaining an acceptable Persian G.P.A which is all A’s and a few B’s here and there.  My teachers did not have a problem with my grades but several report cards said, “While K-von grasps the concepts his disruption makes it hard for other students to learn.”   Hahaha, I need to find that and frame it now.

Were your parents supportive?
I’m not sure I haven’t told them I do comedy yet.  They still think I am studying to become a Doctor, Lawyer, and Engineer.

When was the first time you were on stage – and how did you get there?
First time on stage was at the Comedy Store in Hollywood.  I heard this is where all the great comedians came from so I wanted to start there.  None of this floundering around at coffee shops for a Persian Prince.  My first show went great, the next 3 didn’t.  So I started going to the smaller shows and practicing before I’d return a year later.  Very humbling!

What’s the most high-profile event you’ve done?
The biggest event I have done was the end of the Maz Jobrani tour in Washington D.C.  – we had just elected a new president, the city was electrifying, and then we came to a sold-out show in one of the biggest theaters I’ve done in my life.  The best experience ever!

What’s the biggest venue you’ve performed in?
The biggest venue I’ve performed in was an outdoor park that had 13,000 seats!  Unfortunately it was raining that day and only 24 people showed up.

What’s your dream venue?
I am still waiting to go to Dubai.  I was told this will be in the works.  So to be in the Las Vegas of the middle-east would make me feel right at home.

Who is your favorite Iranian-American comedian?
That’s an easy one… Maz Jobrani.

Who is your favorite American comedian?
My favorite American comedian is a toss up between Bill Cosby and George Carlin.  Cosby is able to tell amazing stories and bring you into his world while Carlin said things that were controversial but you found yourself laughing and thinking, “Hey, why didn’t I notice that!?”

What are your top three favorite comedy movies of all time?
When I watch comedy movies there are a 2 different types I like;  Movies more based in somewhat reality like “Rush Hour” and then totally impossible spoof comedies like “Naked Gun” and “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka”.  But if a movie makes me laugh I like it.

Do you feel that there is a character – that’s already been created – that you were born to play?
Not yet.  I would like to host a TV show like the “Daily Show” one day as well as act in some more movies.  When it comes to movies, they don’t have to be comedies.  I would love to shoot a bunch of bad guys like Clint Eastwood and then walk into the sunset, I’m okay with that.

Have you played any parts in TV or movies?
You can see me as the lead character in the spoof horror movie “The Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust” which just came out in stores last year.

How do you feel about what happened in Iran this summer, after the elections?
I have a lot of Persian friends and it was great to see the outreach to the Iranian people from ones that no longer live there.  Not to mention on things like my Facebook & Twitter accounts where non-Persians also showed an overwhelming amount of support for their struggle.  It means one day it will be very simple for Maz Jobrani and I to get on a plane and do 12 shows in Iran and come home.  That will be a great day.

What’s your favorite Persian restaurant?
Ammeh Shirin’s.   It’s actually not a restaurant it’s my aunt’s house and you have to be invited.

What’s your favorite thing about being Iranian?

Are you single?
I’m trying to get married but many of the “Persian Dads” do not approve, so the search continues. 

What’s next?
Touring with Maz and doing a lot of shows with some other hilarious friends as well.  The readers can get free tickets if they find a show and email me at info@k-voncomedy.com,  I will do my best to accommodate them!

Where can your fans stay up to date about your upcoming projects?
I’m on all the different sites since everyone does something different but I put a joke a day on Twitter/Facebook and my show schedule is on KvonComedy.com  so sign-in today!



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