Today, We Are All Iranian” – “Emrooz, maa hameh Iraani hasteem

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This is NOT a political campaign. This campaign is NOT affiliated with any political or national parties.



Here as global citizens interested in expressing our support for the people of Iran – regardless of their political viewpoints –  via a grassroots video-campaign. The goal of this campaign is to tell Iranians that they’re not alone, and that the world is watching and supporting them.

Today, We Are All Iranian is a campaign designed to show support from all over the world for this fundamental right to choose.

Want to show YOUR support?

All you need is a video-recorder, an internet connection, and some compassion.


Here’s how you can participate:

1- Create a short video (1-2 minutes long) introducing yourself , what city you are recording from,  and an expression of your support for the people in Iran.

2- Upload your video to YouTube and e-mail it to us at  along with your YouTube url.

3- We will add it to our YouTube channel and regularly select one video to publish on