(L to R) Giuliana Rancic (nee Depandi), Brooke Shields and Mona Assemi


Accessories are vital in bringing life to any outfit.  Accessories can add color, style and create a certain look you want to achieve.  My personal favorite is accessorizing with jewelry, but not just any jewelry, an up and coming designer Mona Assemi. She designs an array of unique and stylish pieces to compliment any look.

Mona Assemi is a New York city based independent Jewelry designer who began her career in Washington D.C.  She began sketching up ideas of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, after her frustration with the choices when shopping for accessories when she was a buyer for high-end boutiques.  She started out just messing around making her own jewelry. After so many compliments and people asking her to make her a ring or bracelet, she decided to take her hobby to another level. Now many boutiques in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles just to name a few are carrying her jewelry.    Her designs are impressive and very original pieces altogether.  She uses her background of being Persian for inspiration to create her chic baubles.  Whether she uses coins from Iran, evil eye beads, or various pieces from all over, she has her way of spicing up her designs in a unique aesthetic.

When I asked her where her Inspiration comes from, she said “My dreams usually…the 3 seconds before I fall asleep I have the most vivid and creative ideas.”  Hence the sketchbook she keeps on her nightstand every night. Mona’s latest designs have been inspired by architecture, the shapes of different buildings altogether have helped her design a new innovative upcoming collection.  The materials consist of 14 kt gold plated, 14 kt solid, sterling silver and a variety of gems.  Her prominent lines that most boutiques carry are:  The Knot — a variety of different types of knots [that carry the tagline] “The beauty lies within the flaw”, The Good Fortune collection — an array of different lucky charms like the Iranian gold coins that symbolize, joy, light and prosperity thrown as tradition at wedding ceremonies in addition the blue ceramic Persian evil eye bead, The Crystal collection —  an evening-inspired collection for balls, galas, and events, The Infinity Collection — the infinity sign within the jewelry is meant to symbolize love to carry out within infinity, The Mr. Magoo collection — inspired by her angel of a pug that tends to adorn the delicate pieces on a daily basis which are more staple, everyday pieces, [lastly] The Stardust collection — the materials are all incandescent, luminescent, [glittery], and more of a conversation piece.

I asked Mona what advice she would give someone who had dreams of being a designer, she replied “I‘d tell them that they should have an incredible amount of passion for designing to truly make it successful and that it is a lot more work than you would think.  Yet, people are always thinking, I’ll do it when the time is right, or when this happens or that happens, I think its better to just go ahead and start it , do a couple sketches, be on your way to doing what you love to do.”  When I asked her what is in store for the future of Mona Assemi as a designer, she answered “I hope to launch the dress line I’ve been working on in Spring/Summer of 2010.”

Many celebrities have taken a liking to Mona’s jewelry; Actress Brooke Shields, E Host Gulianna Depandi/Rancic, Princess Pahlavi, and actress Carly Steel (just to name a few).  Mona’s ornate and one-of-a-kind designs have gained popularity amongst many fashion forward individuals.  Mona has also participated in many area fashion shows, trunk shows, and charity events.  Mona’s move from the DC area to the fashion capital, New York is sure to bring her more success.  Be sure to check out Mona’s jewelry in Washington DC boutiques:  Saks Jandel, Hysteria, Sangaree, Tabandeh and check out her website that will be launching soon.

Don’t forget to complete your outfit with one of Mona Assemi’s fabulous accessories!  This is a designer to keep an eye on as she expands her designs into other areas.