So, we may have gotten an ulcer from the most recent 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifier-game the Iranian national team played against Saudi Arabia , but we also got ourselves a tooth ache!

Persian women aren’t the only hotties around. Check out our favorite and your sexy-as-sin Iranian soccer players: (clockwise) Zandi, Teymourian, Nekounam, Kazemian, Madanchi,  Rahmati, and Hosseini.

We’re kind of glad that the newly-toppol (chubby) Ali Daei was given the pink slip and fired right after the loss against an old regional rival, especially since he’s putting all the blame on the players, and not taking any responsibility as a “coach”. (Well, former-coach!)

“It is not your place to tell me to stay or leave,” he told reporters. “I was appointed by another entity and I am here to stay for now. It was not Ali Daei who lost the match but the national team. We (the coaching staff) had given our plan to the players but when the players don’t execute there is not much I could do. After we scored, we didn’t want to back off from attacking but the team leaders failed. I can’t go in the middle of the field and play…I can only direct.”

Instead of selling out his players, he could have emphasized – as Fox Soccer Channel anouncer Behrooz Afrakhan did -the fact that our capable and handsome players never practiced together nor played a “friendly” in hopes of learning one another’s soccer style. Not to mention the fact that quite a few of the Iranian players, play for other teams abroad, whereas the Saudi players all play for Saudi Arabia solely and had at least 90 days of training behind them.

We just hope that a solid, caring, and less self-consumed coach is hired to lead our hot-to-trot players to the 2010 World Cup Games in South Africa.

Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo… IRAN!