It seems as though Navid Shirazi might be getting some more storylines.

Last night on Beverly Hills 90210 (2.0), Persian character Navid Shirazi confessed his love for his middle-school crush, the rehab-visiting “Adriana”. This – we hope – means that there will be more to come for Navid.

In an effort to cheer “A” up, Navid delivered some goodies, including a bath-set that his “mom suggested”, to his new eshgh (love), all the way to the rehab facility his Baba paid for her to stay in. We must admit, the grand financial gesture, is definitely a Persian move.

And, well, if a male who gives you a gift saying “my mom suggested itisn’t  Iranian… then he’s probably adopted.

Maybe the producers and writers have actually started doing a little research after all.