Bright Festival  is an Italy-based cultural event fostering and promoting digital creativity through education and entertainment activities in collaboration with the industry leading companies, universities, and artists from all over the world. And this week’s exhibit held in Leipzig, Germany, at Kunstkraftwerk, will feature several Iranian artists, including: Amirhossein Mahravani.

Amirhossein Mahravani, also known as “Amirmahrav” in the art-world, is a new-media artist based in Iran whose work “explores creative computation through constant exploration and research.” His work “aims to create visual experiences on screen as well as in physical environments.” His main area of focus in technological creation is algorithmic art: “Generative visuals are at the heart of my work. I use creative coding and real-time VFX,” Mahravani says.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, Mahravani has been active in the international and Iranian art scenes since 2017. Mahravani tells us he’s participated in events such as, “Fajr Music Festival, TADAEX Festival with the help of Nullsight (an Iranian-Canadian media collective), Lightbox in New York, NEO Shibuya TV exhibition in Japan with The New Media art Group, House Number Four at ROOBEROO Mansion, SPAMM.FR festival and Re_nd_er festival in England.” Adding, “Also I had an exciting live audiovisual performance in Farabi University hall with Nima Ramezan, Arash Saeidi and Mahbod ShafiNejad.”

And when he’s not busy with events, he spends some of his time “giving workshops on Touchdesigner and Resolume which are Visual, Mapping, Audiovisual and Interactive Installation computer software.”

Although Mahravani who’s simultaneously showing pieces at Tehran Contemporary Sound‘s concurrent festival, will not physically be present at his Bright Festival exhibit, he says: “Recently the ubiquity of the internet has eased this problem of accessibility and artists around the globe can participate in such festivals virtually, otherwise due to our country’s situation in the world, traveling for a performance in a festival is time-consuming and costly. Still it’s quite exciting to be able to participle in this festival with my friend, Mort, who has a degree in Electrical Engineering and happens to be an Electronic Music Producer as well.”

Selected to show at Bright Festival by New Media Art group, a highly-influential digital community, Mahravani’s installation is an audiovisual generative piece.

“The idea of creating this form of art is mostly inspired by the sensation and virtuosity of the moment which depends on the venue’s atmosphere,” shares Mahravani. “I reach a peaceful place inside me by creating this form of art.”

Bright Festival runs from October 21-24th, 2021.

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