When we first heard Iranian artist-of-the-moment, Poo Bon‘s, song ‘Heif‘, we were hooked. But now we’re loving his sexy new-ish (released in January 2019) song, Ghalbe Shishei (Persian: Glass Heart) and we’ve got it on repeat. If you have a soft spot for Persian lyrics and a soothing falsetto…This song was made for you.

Poo Bon, whose real name is Pooriya Bonakdari, is a multi-tiered talent with an identifiable voice and non-replicable sound. Last year Poobon founded Tetroparja, an indie record label based in Canada, which he hopes to use as an outlet to “expand his musical team and help nurture younger talent.”

You may be familiar with the Tehran-born singer/songwriter/producer’s list of collaborations with Iranian music standouts like Iranian Rap-scene-staple Behzad Leito or Persian songstress, Sogand to name a couple, but his solo work is what we’re most excited about.

With more releases on the horizon, we can’t wait to hear Poobon’s next hit.

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