On the occasion of the ORYX Foundation’s 5th anniversary, Iranian contemporary art will be on display at a Swiss Museum in: “There Are Too Many Walls But Not Enough Bridges”. 

For the past five years the ORYX Foundation has invited numerous Iranian artists to Lucerne to live, work, exhibit, and meet new people. In the past, many artists have seized the opportunity to spend two or three months getting to know Switzerland, as “Artist in Residence”. Vice versa, European artists got the chance to travel to the Middle East.

The fruits of this exchange program and further bridge-building efforts by the ORYX Foundation are now on display at the biggest and unprecedented Iranian and Arab group exhibition of Switzerland.

The exhibition will provide patrons a fantastic and unique insight into the high-quality contemporary art scene of the Middle East and Iran, which will also be archived in a 100-page catalogue.

The active promotion of amicable exchanges between East and West has been central to the mission of the ORYX Foundation Lucerne, Switzerland for the past five years. The non-profit foundation is committed to promoting stimulating exchanges between artists as well as organizing a range of cultural events in Switzerland and abroad.

The exhibit will be on view at the Kunst (Zeug) Haus Rapperswil, near Zurich, and will run from July 26th-August 16th, 2015.

For more information please visit: oryx-foundation.com.