Popular Persian stand-up comedian K-von’s latest feature length documentary, Nowruz: Lost & Found is loaded with laughs.

The movie follows K-von’s discovery that he was “not informed about a huge holiday known as Nowruz/Norooz (Persian New Year)”–which is celebrated by over 300 million people worldwide.

And instead of “getting mad at his Iranian father” for not teaching him more about the Persian holiday, he invites a camera crew to document his journey as he sets out to to learn as much as he can, while inviting the viewer to join along on his quest.

While growing up, K-von’s Middle-Eastern father just wanted his family to “fit in” and jokes, “Dad married a blonde woman from Nevada, bought a pickup truck, and an American flag. Later, as an adult, I learned of this huge holiday “Nowruz” where kids are supposed to get new clothes, candy, and gifts.”

For a moment, I wanted to sue my father for ‘back-holiday-child-support.’ Is that even a thing?”

K-von and crew travel all over the country making people laugh while receiving a first-class education on the holiday with help from scholars, friends, family, and celebrities.

Special appearances by Maz Jobrani (Showtime/Comedy Central), The Iron Sheik (World-Wrestling Champion), Ahmed Ahmed (“Sullivan & Son”-TBS), and many more add to the funny.

K-von’s unique standup comedy based documentary is a great way for non-Iranians (and Iranians) to learn about the history of Iran,  and what Norooz, Christmas, and Easter actually have in common, while getting a glimpse of  what is takes to conduct a standup tour.

This is K-von’s first effort as an executive producer but he’s no stranger to the camera. Recognizable from 2 seasons as the main prankster on MTV’s hilarious show “Disaster Date”, he’s also appeared on Showtime with Russell Peters, the Style Network, CNN’s “HLN”, and “Good Morning America” to name a few.

When not on tour he often shares the stage with some of the biggest names in the business including Daniel Tosh, Dane Cook, and Brad Garrett.

To learn more about “Nowruz: Lost & Found” visit: www.K-vonComedy.com.