Good news for all you reality TV junkies!

The tentatively named “Shahs of Sunset” (Kings of Sunset) are on their way to a TV screen near you.

BravoTV’s Andy Cohen announced on Ryan Seacrest’s “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” his new partnership with his fellow media mogul on the docu-series which will follow an affluent “group of young Persian-American friends” in their 20s from greater LA, whom Cohen calls “fun and family-oriented,” on his blog, further sharing his excitement.

“…this is a community that exists all over the place, but if you live in LA you know that the Persian-American community is really strong,” Andy told Ryan on their phone call. “It’s really family oriented. It’s really affluent. This is a really cool, fun, funny group of people you brought to us Ryan, and I’m hoping that this is going to be our next big docu-series, and something that we’re going to be doing for a while!”

“These men and women are hysterical,” adds Ryan. “They grew up together, and are living in Southern California, and they’re trying to balance their social lives and work lives. Some of them are hot, and some of them are not so hot, but funny.”

“They also spend a lot of money,” Andy jumps in. “You know its great because Bravo is always putting a spotlight on different affluent lifestyles. This is a group of people that doesn’t exist on television anywhere, and thats another reason that I’m excited to do the show. Its new, and different.”

So when will the show actually air?

“If I knew the answer I would tell you! Actually I wouldn’t, because we haven’t announced it yet. We’re very tight lipped about this stuff,” Andy tells Ryan.

 What do you think?

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