The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media (WAALM), has been nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize.

The United Nations-affiliated organization, ACUNS, is noting this incredible honor and WAALM due to their role in promoting cultural diplomacy, encouraging the use of soft power instead of hard power (war).

WAALM other ongoing work includes humanitarian and educational efforts to promote peace and understanding through their vehicle: School of Cultural Diplomacy, (SCD).

SCD offers programs like “Empowering Conferences” for less previlleged countries.

Dr. Marjan Dorbayani, the Co-founder of WAALM says of being considered for the revered prize: “However we believe there are more deserving champions of Peace with longer records on peace efforts globally, who should be also nominated and eventually be the winner, obviously we are thrilled to learn about this news and appreciate the nomination and regardless of the result, we believe just being nominated for such a prestigious prize, increases our responsibilities towards humanity more than ever and it certainly makes every member of our Academy proud.”

Other nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize (list not exclusive) include: The Nihon Hidankyo organization of Japan, WikiLeaks!, and Dr. Betty Reardon.