The Tehran Zoo recently laid to rest 14 lions at their facility, once learning that the lions had been diagnosed with an “infectious bacterial disease that could affect visitors”.Jam-e Jam daily, a state-owned media outlet said the lions were infected with “glanders” which happens to be a bacterial disease common in horses, mules, donkeys as well as other domesticated animals.

The scary part?

Glanders can effect and infect humans.

Not to mention the fact that the Tehran Zoo is located near the main football stadium (Azadi), in western Tehran, where neighborhoods are highly populated.

Veterinarian, Dr. Moloukpour, believes the lions “most likely contracted the disease because of mismanagement at the zoo.”

Moloukpour also said that “over the past two months three lions have died in the zoo after they contracted by Glanders.”

Glanders found in wild animals can be treated using sunlight, heat, and every-day detergents to kill the bacteria.

The disease can quickly turn deadly if ignored.