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In Vanity Fair’s February 2011 issue, two of the luxe magazine’s writers, Richard Rushfield and Adam Leff, “shed light on reality TV’s trashy stereotypes” in their piece: Intelligence Report: Ethno-spolitation Groups.

Also mentioned amongst groups “assessed” by Vanity Fair like “Guidos” (Italian-Americans), “Chavs” (Subjects of the Queen), “Vlads” (Russian-Americans), “Massholes” (Irish-Americans)?


Nicknamed “Sammis” (originally by whom, we are not sure), America’s highest earning median per household holders, amongst immigrant groups, Iranian-Americans are said to be susceptible to the following markings:

Spiritual home: Beverly Hills flats, LA

Standard bearers: Hotelier Sam Nazarian, lifestyle entrepreneur

Aspirational ideal: Bijan

Wheels: Taxi-yellow bentley, azure T

Signature facial expression: Above the fray

Catch phrase: “No worries my friend, it will be cool.”

Tribal Markings (Male): Gold John Varvatos Aviators, soft AG jeans, Gucci driving loafers

Tribal Markings (Female): Stretch suade stirrup pants, faux-fox vest, chocolate Birkin bag

Status symbol: Mega-footprint mini-Versailles home built by Hamid Omrani

Pickup line: “You like to party up?”

Intellectual chronicler of folkways: Maz Jobrani and “The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour”

Mortal enemy: the maitre d’ with the ‘tude at Bazaar on La Cienga

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