With a major tour schedule ahead, we’re not sure how this popular Iranian-American comedian and actor, Max Amini, has found the time to create this MUST SEE and super-funny video (and fake informercial), for a contest.

What contest? You ask…

The “create your own infomercial” contest set forth by the production team of Grassroots, a movie starring Jason Biggs and Cedric the Entertainer.

“The Hulbody works your whole body,” Hul Zabdul, a Middle Eastern trainer and the main character in Amini’s hilarious video, chimes in his part-purrzhie accent–: “Your abs, your gluteus, your ham-ess-tring, your thighs, and your name it…”

Trust us: You want to be the first (or at least second or third, OK let’s settle for somewhere in the upper tier) of your friends (real and virtual) to share/post this video of Hul Zabdul and his tool, in action.

And don’t forget to vote here for Amini’s informercial, because if popularized and chosen, Hulbody will make an appearance in the movie!

So hurry up and get your vote on.