A new reality show is casting.

OK. Maybe it’s not much of a surprise…but, the search is on for the “new face of the confectionery world that makes creative candy and or chocolate creations”.

So if you are a professional confectionery artist that “either owns your own family business or works with a dedicated team to create sugary fantasies and/or chocolate treasures”, you should apply for a chance to be on the show, The Sweet Life.

The Sweet Life is actively looking to fill spots for chocolaitiers, confectionary creators, candy architects, donut designers, and/or a family business with a unique business and lifestyle. (Not including cakes or cupcakes.)

The casting call reads:

Calling all in the confectionery world for the sweetest opportunity!

Do you temper, mold and sculpt better than anyone you know?

Are your dark chocolate delicacies and milk chocolate masterpieces legendary?

Is your candy artistic expressions second to none?

Do the whimsical worlds you whip up make Willy Wonka look like an amateur?

It’s time to show the world why you and your sugar cane clan lead the sweetest life of all in this brand new Docu-Series. One confectionery family and their colleagues will be offered the unprecedented opportunity to have their business, creations, endeavors and passion for confections shared with the world.

To apply online go to: