Credit: Mohammad Hassan, "Blow of Memories"--Courtesy of JRFA

Two new exhibits in London add to the list of events going on in the Iranian-Brit art scene this season!

Janet Rady Fine Art (JRFA)–along with Arte Sara–presents its latest exhibit highlighting artists from Iran: New Faces | Iran.

Featuring the work of nine young hugely talented Iranian painters living in Iran, the exhibition focuses on the human face of Iran.

But this is not just another clichéd exhibition about Iran.

Through a variety of figural representations, the artists use their paints to boldly express universal sensibilities of being.

Executed in richly mixed hues, these compelling images play on the subconscious with a dreamlike elusiveness and ambiguity. Throughout the exhibition, the viewer is confronted by selflessly gaunt figures staring out of the canvas, whilst others, haunted by the undefined anxiety of memory, scream silently, unaware of our gaze.

And earlier this week, JRFA kicked off another exhibit: the Contemporary Shahnameh Millinnennium Painting; celebrating the anniversary of Ferdowsi’s epic, seen through the eyes of Iranian, Russian and South Asian artists.

Held at the renowned Princes School Foundation, the Contemporary Shahnameh Millinnennium Painting exhibit will continue to be on display until Dec. 11th 2010.