The countdown to Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington DC is almost over and a group of Bay Area Iranian-American students from Iranican, a non-profit, are organizing/planning attendance for themselves, and other Iranian-Amercian students.

“Iranian-Americans are active and contributing to the forefront of almost every part of the American society, except civic participation and politics.” An Iranican rep tells us.

“This event is bringing together what many are assuming the ‘silent majority’ who may not necessarily be aligned in terms of opinion…What they all can agree  [on] is that they don’t want the likes of Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin to represent what America, or the majority of Americans, stand for.”

And for those of you who may want to attend but aren’t able, Comedy Central with be broadcasting the Oct. 3oth rally live as well as streaming it uncensored online while beaming it to your iPhone, iPad or Android 2.2 device(s).

“At the very least it’s an awesome opportunity for Iranian Americans sharing a common interest, to connect, network and help one another in the future, and beyond that, by showing our support as a minority, we can demonstrate that we are here to make this country better.”

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