Still from Mehran Modiri's "Ghahveh Talkh" (Persian: Bitter Coffee)

Ghahve Talkh (قهوه تلخ), another brilliant creation by Iran’s most-prized comedic mind, Mehran Modiri, is a series made for public TV consumption in Iran.

Starring 32 of actor and director Modiri’s past accomplices (and friends like, Siamak Ansari) the show takes place in “today’s world.”

The widely-popular Ghahve Talkh (Persian: Bitter Coffee) TV show–which is in its 5th season–starts its storyline with Ansari’s character drinking a bitter cup of coffee which sends him back in time, via his thoughts.

Veteran Iranian actor Ansari’s mental time travel to the past leads him to confront many challenges along the way. And in turn, Ansari gradually turns into a historian as well.

Filled with crisp, witty Persian banter and sprawling Persian rugs, the Bitter Coffee set is loaded with fun yet traditionally educational fashion.

Ghahve Talkh is written by Amir-Mehdi Jouleh and Khashayar Alvand.

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