Photo Credit: Drew Altizer

Sorry ladies…He’s officially off the market!

Pioneering Iranian-American mega-developer, Masud Mehran’s grandson, Alex Mehran Jr., wed supermodel Maggie Rizer last weekend in Lake Placid, New York.

Rizer–whom we’re sure had her pick of designers–wore a strapless Oscar de la Renta dress during their très-deluxe nuptials.

Having proposed to Rizer in January, Alex Mehran Jr., is the son of real estate mogul and heir: Alexander R. Mehran and Lucinda Watson. (Watson is an heiress and the daughter of Tom Watson–the man who turned IBM into what it is now.)

The Mehran family’s involvement in the real estate world is well-known and admired: Founded by Masud Mehran in 1951, Sunset Development Company, is behind “Sunset-Town”–a community of more than 16,000 residents, schools, churches and parks. Sunset-Town accounts for “one-third of the population of Livermore, California, and combines homes, businesses and industry.”

The Mehrans’ family business is also responsible for Bishop Ranch Business Park. A $2 billion project, it is one of the major suburban business parks in the U.S., which has attracted corporations of both national and international recognition: Chevron, Pacific Bell, Toyota, Beckman Instruments, Westinghouse, ITT Telecom, Union Carbide, Wells Fargo Bank, Rolm, Pepsi-Cola, Pillsbury , IBM, Metropolitan Life, American Express and more.