Today marks the thirty-year anniversary of  Saddam Hussein’s well-funded attack on Iran: September 22, 1980.

And as an Iranian, whether you experienced the Iran-Iraq war inside Iran, or out…We’re sure you probably have your share of stories about the ruthless and chemically-enhanced full-scale invasion of Iran by neighboring Iraq, and how it may have effected you and/or your family.

Ending in August 1988, after eight years of fighting, the Iran-Iraq War is known as one of the deadliest wars since World War II.

Regardless of who your loyalty belongs to, this war was yet another disaster brought upon by those who choose to create chaos in order to benefit.

All the lives lost on both sides, should be enough evidence that war is not the answer. Not now, or ever.

We just hope everyone takes a moment to remember all the Iranians (and Iraqis) who lost their lives–or are still suffering from the aftereffects–in an otherwise unwise and outwardly-fueled battle. (Including the 290 passengers and crew aboard Iran Air Flight 655, who were all killed when the U.S. Navy’s cruiser, the USS Vincennes, accidentally shot it down on July 3, 1988.)

Recently Ahmadinejad, has been likening himself to universally-respected and loved Persian king, Cyrus The Great (yeah…We’re just as perplexed at the notion as you are!) and is set to appear on CNN’s Larry King Live tonight.

But will he be remembering all the people that fought to the death for Iran on his U.S. TV-circuit roundup?

We know Cyrus would!