In a competition set forth by Electrolux to design appliances and electronics for the future, when living space will be little to come by in mega-cities, Ahi Andy Mohsen is the first Iranian to make it as a finalist.

The “Eco Cleaner”, which is made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), is a portable dishwasher and composter that uses ultrasonic waves to ionise food and turn it in to reusable waste.

Mohsen’s concept is designed for “use within the increasing numbers of single households and specifically meeting dual predictions: that future food will be supplied in capsule form (thus reducing the required size of vessels to prepare and eat from); and that there will be reduced time for household chores.”

The Eco Cleaner is simultaneously green and space efficient.

Mohsen’s inspiration?

“The design process began on a series of primary data based on a set of trends in 2050. I can say for sure that there was no specific category in my mind before analyzing the data. First, the analysis were concluded and classified according to the consumers’ behaviors, urbanization criteria and consideration of natural recourses, then the ideation process of the concept began.” Says the modern-minded designer.

“The capsule-like form in this concept is the closest to one of the main meanings of the concept which is to have clean and isolated dishes when they are not being used,” he adds. “The physical structure of the product which is made of colorless translucent membrane leads to diversity in color in the product (an inspiration of color producing in butterflies).”

The sleek and compact design has made it hard for us to take our eyes off this ultra-chic dishwasher/composter.

What about you?

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