L to R: Roxie "Persia" Ramedani, Melissa Karimzadeh

Jersey Shore who?

Real World what?

It’s all aboot Toronto’s Lake Shore…Eh?

“Initially the show was going to focus on a group of hipsters, of Middle-Eastern descent, but after a lot of thought, [we] thought it would be much more riveting to explore how eight extremely diverse twenty-something Torontonians co-habitate,” says producer Maryam Rahimi of her Toronto-based co-venture.

The show’s premise?

“Eight cast-members from different backgrounds and sexual orientations move into a house together, and learn how to not step on each other’s toes! It’s not a competition; it’s all about their differences!”

And with former Miss Universe Canada crown-holder, Iranian model, Samantha Tajik, as co-host and judge of the show, Lake Shore promises to provide lots of “drama”.

Twenty-five finalists–two of which are also Persian–have been already chosen so auditions are now closed, but the show still needs your help in choosing the final eight cast-members.

Of course we encourage you to vote for the Persian girls: Melissa Karmizadeh and Roxie “Persia” Ramedani.

Dubbed “The Persian”, Karimzadeh is a 20-year-old model, and believes she’s had “more life experience under [her] belt than most people will ever have.”

“I’m completely and utterly happy with the person I’ve become.” She says. “I’ve done it all, and now, I know exactly what I want: Freedom, boys, whiskey, and rock and roll. I have a very old soul and a compassionate nature, but I’ll always be a wild-child at heart!”

The other Persian dokhtar (Persian: girl) in the mix trying to win-over the judges is also nicknamed The Persian in her audition video, and is known as Persia.

“I hold it down for my thick girls.” She says. “Last thing I’ll be is Snooki. Where all others fail, Persia succeeds. I’m a satisfaction guaranteed.”

Filming on Lake Shore begins sometime late 2010 or winter/spring of 2011.

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