Calling all Maz Jobrani fans!

You must check out these vintage videos we’ve come across, featuring your favorite Iranian-American comedian: Maz Jobrani as Belind Dater; Jamshid.

Belind Date” written by playwright, Amir Ohebsion, is timeless and hilariously witty.

We have a feeling you don’t want to miss the hysterical banter that goes on between Maz and his co-star.

(…And don’t forget to watch part 2 of this very clever yet relatable comedy theater piece!)

Here’s a sample of what can be heard being discussed between the two young Iranian-American daters:

Jamshid: “As Khayyam used to say; ‘engaar keh neesty…cho hasti…khosh baash. Yani: Tekeelah ro boro baalaa! (Persian: It’s as though you aren’t here…when you are…be happy. Meaning: Take the Tequila shot!”