Described as: “Recalling the sensuous colors and textures of a distant marketplace,” the Tabriz collection, created by luxury-items designer Elad Yifrach of L’Objet, is trimmed in 14kt gold.

The circuitous and appealing patterns of perfectly-placed rectilinear and curvilinear lines seen in Elad’s work draws from a coveted type of Persian rug–especially the silk variety–known as the: Tabriz.

These regal pieces can be used as accents and decoration or as a collective statement. The Tabriz collection is suggested for small plates, tastings, salad, and/or dessert use. (The platter is food-safe but is also applicable on a foyer table, bathroom or living room setting.)

Yifrach’s Tabriz collection is suitable for “everyone who likes a bit of ethnic flair, but with refined details and finishes.” He says.

What’s his design process as an artist?

“Dream the way you want it to look at the end, and walk backwards to get there.”

“I hope all of me is in what I create.” The designer who does indeed have a Tabriz-rug of his own, tells us.

…But the rugs aren’t the only Persian collectibles displayed in his home: “[I have] a few silver pieces and one Persian Turquoise carved bowl, which I love dearly.”

Impressed by Yifrach’s ability to remind us of the tight-knit Tehrani-socialite-scene–with their super-extravagant lunching antics–we have to admit: We have fallen madly in love with this opulent (and very Persian-esque) set.

Does the Fesenjoon-loving Yifrach plan on exploring any other Persian designs?

“Always,” he says. “I love the rich culture and art history from that part of the world. I could not be more pleased by the response we’ve received from the small Tabriz collection. Our clients use it for more than just dessert, often leaving the table set with it always. That is such a compliment, because the beauty and function cross over and our clientele understand that. It is truly art for the table.”

To purchase your Tabriz collection, go to or call: 1.877.551.SAKS (7257)