Artwork: "Lover" by SKS

For my nightly bawling

The pain that’s worn me out

for the want of seeing the light

that died when you left my home

for your dreamy eyes

and the crimson of your lips

I sing and cry out, again,

no, I can’t anymore

I’ve given up on the whole world

don’t want to live anymore

I want to once again

sit you on my lap

my voice beyond the clouds

I want to shout: Yes, I’m mad!

you kiss me and I

sing of the sorrow in your eyes

But since you’ve been gone,

I’m the dark sky

I’m the gypsy without land,

I’m the Autumn wind

Yeah, such is life

you said, but that’s an excuse  [you said that’s life, but,  that’s just an excuse for]

for your heart of stone,

who’s mad about it like me?   [noone loves your heart of stone like I do]

*Translated by EZ

Read the Pinglish version (and original submission format) below;

vase hegh heghe shabunam dardi ke borde amunam baraie didane un nur ke to rafti mord to khunam

vase un cheshmaie nazet sorkhie labat mikhunam migamo baz mizanam dad na dige man nemitonam

az hame donia boridam nemikham zendeh bemonamman mikham dobare az noto ro ro pam beneshunam

sedamo ta uje abra bebaram ke man divunam to mano bebosio man az ghame cheshat bkhunam

amma az vaghti to nisti shabe tare asemunam manam un kuolie bi khak man hamun bade khazunam

ke peie garmie dastat tane daghet… nemidunam in tane khaste o bi jun be kojaha bekeshunam

are in rasme zamunast gofti ama in bahunast vaseie un dele sanget ki mese man ye divunast…