The sultry sounds of Iranian singer/songwriter Loulou (of Thievery Corporation affiliation fame) are here to stay!

Mixing progressive-rock-y harmonies with a classic lounge essence in their debut album Basement Dreams, her new band, Midnight Kids, proves to be a solid voice in their world of sophisticated urban music.

Outside of the idée fixe we’ve experienced listening to the Persian-lounge-singing pioneer’s  charming songs, “Omid“–which she purred in Persian–and the irresistible French melody, “La Femme Parallel,” we have a new fixation: Midnight Kids’ “The Station,” with “Dreamers” coming in at a close second.

Need more Loulou and Midnight Kids in your life?

Click here to download their first album, Basement Dreams, for free.

If you live in DC, you can also catch them this Sunday May 23 2010  at  9:30 Club.