April 2010–Iranian-born, British-educated artist Mia Jafari has been making a name for herself: Fusing Iranian landscapes with elements of pop art, commodity, culture, and kitsch.

This spring, inspired by Persian carpets and luxurious commodities, Jafari debuts ‘Ladybirds Strawberry Cosmos’, a collection of seductively playful, hand-finished limited edition silk scarves. Jafari invites you to bask in a world where majestic creatures drag Christian Louboutin heels across endless [places] filled with ruby red lipstick and where nocturnal, gem-encrusted birds take nightwatch over enchanted trees dripping with strawberry pink muffins.

A wonderlust of Persian carpet landscapes explode with iconic perfumes, vintage Cartier and luscious cocktails. ‘Ladybirds Strawberry Cosmos’ blends Eastern rhythms with a cosmopolitan sophistication that tantalizes and delights. Mia Jafari unveils her collection with ‘digi-broidery’: an innovative technique coined by the artist to describe a truly unique dimension to her work, where Iranian embroidery meets cutting edge digital print. Through digi-broidery’s hyper-real aesthetic, Jafari pushes new boundaries to create distinctive prints, rich in culturalreference and craftsmanship.

Digi-broidery allows this collection to be worn and handled effortlessly, whilst retaining the intricacy of hand embellishment. Jafari’s scarves are best described as wearable art that dazzle and seduce with their Eastern-harmony-meets-uber-kitsch aesthetic. Ladybirds  Strawberry Cosmos [products deliver] the ultimate wow factor to the most minimal ensemble, and with names [like] “Berrypolitian” and “Midnight Mojito,” they are a 2010 must-have for any city girl’s wardrobe.