Original Photo: Bizbash

Kristin Cavallari from The Hills–a girl Spencer Pratt deemed a “female player” last season–was dating the notable moneymaker and feared business man known as Sam Nazarian until recently…

Sources reveal that Nazarian went a little “Tiger Woods/Jesse James” on Cavallari with a few women of his own on the side.

“Kristin had left a ring over at his house so she decided to pop over to pick it up on [last week]. Sam was working but she has a key.”

(She had a key? How very un-Persian-bachelor-like.)

“Kristin made her way to the bedroom to retrieve her belongings and that’s when she saw a striking brunette exiting Sam’s bathroom. She knew right away what was going on. She asked the girl who she was and they bonded immediately. She called Sam from her phone but then she had the other girl talk to him, so he was so freaked out. He was expecting Kristin’s voice and then he got the voice of the girl he was cheating on her with!”

As if losing her boyfriend wasn’t enough, Cavallari, out shopping in Beverly Hills, heard a girl discussing how Nazarian tried to “pick her up.”

“Kristin was really upset. She didn’t say another word. She just paid her bill and got out of there. She confronted [him],” the source continued. “But he managed to talk her out of it, saying it was just gossip. But there’s no way Sam’s talking her out of the latest one. [It’s over between them.]”

Well, if Nazarian is single again…Then all you Beverly Hills girls looking to become his next conquest, should probably start perfecting your ghormeh sabzi skills, like, now!