Iranian-American Actress and Author: Shiva Rose, Original Photo; En Luce

Iranian-American Actress and Author: Shiva Rose, Original Photo; En Luce

Daughter of perpetual-Iranian-TV-personality, Gharib Afshar, the Persian beauty who says she’s “not going to be the cougar in mini-skirts” and is yearning for “suits for the first time in [her] adult life”, Shiva Rose doesn’t just write human rights essays for the Huffington Post.

“A certain dress only serves to remind me of eating petites fraises with my ex, Dylan, in Provence, and more acutely, of how moments like that are gone.” She whimsically reminisces.

In the December issue of Vogue, Shiva, now divorced from “The Vagina Monologues”-writer Eve Ensler’s stepson Dylan McDermott–with whom she has two daughters and spent sixteen years–writes a great piece, “The Grimm Truth”, on her recent life changes, her relationship with fashion, and outlook on the future.

“I had become one of those women suspended in a particular time when they were happiest. You know, women who keep their hairstyle exactly as it was, when they felt most alive.” She writes. “As much as I tried to replicate what I had years before, there were changes.”

Wearing a dark, flowy silk Tuleh dress and a pair of black Proenza Schouler slingbacks, the statuesque actress and writer is pictured sitting gracefully (and perfectly)-aligned, crossing her legs looking through the lens innocently for her Vogue shoot at her LA-area home.

Addicted to one-of-a-kind vintage-shopping in her mid-twenties, Shiva recalls: “Ever since I was a child, I have associated clothes with who I want to be, or the life I want to live.”

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