You must watch this slightly odd but entertaining video of UK’s globally successful franchise XFactor 2009 contestant, Behrouz Ghaemi as he sings the Scissor Sisters’ hit, “Take Your Mama”, with an attempted Golpa-like “chah-chah” intro to the classic rock song. 

“I don’t want to be a star, we’ve got loads of them. I want to be the sun, because there’s only one sun.” Says the quirky Behrouz whose sense of style still has us smiling. “I’m yoo-nik (unique), I’ve got the look. I have sex appeal.”

The 29-year-old explains to judges, Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue (who calls Behrouz “cheeky”), Cheryl Cole, and Louis Walsh that he aspires to “go as far as Elvis”, with “a little bit of help”.

His (over-)confidence did baffle us at first, but Behrouz proves that he’s–at the very least–a mediocre singer, and the audience loves him for it.