Original Photos by: Martin Schoeller
Original Photos by: Martin Schoeller

The wife of Tom Hanks and Harper’s Bazaar writer, Rita Wilson interviews one of the smartest journalists of all time, the  ultimate Iranian female role model: Christiane Amanpour.

In the introduction, Rita writes about Amanpour’s “iconic style of safari jackets, shiny hair with heavy bangs,” while naming her “fierce intelligence” as her most “prominent feature.”

Amanpour goes on to divulge that her childhood nickname was “jagger-lips” (due to her big lips) and that she’s a “no plunge, no puff” kind of girl when it comes to fashion.

And what’s Amanpour’s take on fashion in Iran?

“The great secret is that in many instances the Iranian women are so dressed up underneath that it’s unbelievable. And beautifully coiffed, fantastically made up. It’s their little piece of defiance.”

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