Photo Credit: Farhad Rajabali/Gooya
Photo Credit: Farhad Rajabali/Gooya

By reader 

My dear Iranian friend,
I hope you are safe as you read this [letter].  

Although the communication from inside Iran has been constrained by the [leaders of your country]. Some brave and clever people have managed to send us some news about the happenings in Iran.  Although the news, photos, and vidoes we receive are limited, the entire world is witnessing the attacks of the Basij, the bravery of the young men and women, the marches and protests. 
Since you may not have news from the outside world (censored by your government) I am writing this note to you to let you know… that: most nations and leaders around the world are worried about your situation.  People all over the world support the people of Iran.  Major media all over the world (TV, newspapers, etc.) are all covering your news as much as they can.  EVERYONE SUPPORTS YOU.
The entire world is supporting you.  We believe in your [movement]. We support you. We worship your courage.  We celebrate your cause. We respect your religion. We adore your culture. We mourn with you in the loss of your brothers and sisters.  We feel your pain.  We are very concerned about your safety.  We hope through all [these] struggles you will remain safe.  
May all this violence end immediately.  May the will of the People of Iran prevail.
Stay Safe, Stay Strong and take care my friend!

Today I too am an Iranian.