Translated by Soraya Cochran.

It’s Friday 29th of Khordaad 1388 (June 19, 2009), tomorrow is Saturday – tomorrow is a destiny-building day.

Tonight the sounds of Allah-o-Akbar (God is great) are being heard louder than the previous nights

Where is this?

Where is this… that all [the doors] have been closed to it?
Where is this?
Where is this that people are only calling God?
Where is this that sounds of its Allah-o-Akbar get louder and louder everynight?
Every day I wait to see if the sound of “allah-o-akbar” gets louder or not
My body shakes
I don’t know if god shakes too
Where is this that we’ve been caught [in such a vulnerable state]?
Where is this that no one is supporting us?
Where is this that we are now sending our voices to the world through our silence?
Where is this that the blood of its young is split and people go and pray on the street
They stand on that same blood and pray
Where is this that [inaudible]
Where is this?
You want me to tell you?
[This is] Iran.
It’s my homeland and yours
[This is] Iran.