“The Iranian election was bald-faced election fraud perpetrated by a powerful intelligence unit known as the Pasdaran,” writes Dr. Reza Aslan for The Daily Beast.

During his appearance alongside Iranian-American author Afshin Molavi on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS on CNN Sunday June 14, 2009, Iranian-American scholar Dr. Reza Aslan said, “Iran, believe it or not feals threatened by the united states. Afterall we literally surround Iran with american troops. We have encircled them basically.”

Crediting the obama administration’s new approach and tone, Aslan points out that Ahmadinejad wasn’t able to use the “so-called national security pawn: ‘we’re under a threat’ [because it just] ”didn’t work.” Aslan went on to say, “in that regard, the Obama strategy was very sopihsiticated.”

“But whats’ really fascinating about this election,” he continued,  ”is that the united states was really not an issue in any way, which again makes the ahmadinejad victory that much more unbelievable, because he certainly could not rely on the economy which by all accounts has been a complete disaster.”