L to R - Adam Lambert, Freddy Mercury

Born Farrokh Bulsara on September 5th, 1946  in Zanzibar, Queen front-man and musical-legend: Freddy Mercury is of Persian (Parsi) origin and practiced Zoroastrianism growing up. Parsis are known to “descend from a group of Iranian Zoroastrians who emigrated to Western India over 1,000 years ago.”

Recently the blogosphere and entertainment magazines have been likening the sounds of American Idol’s Adam Lambert to the iconic Freddy Mercury.

Even Queen guitarist Brian May told Rolling Stone magazine that the band is considering the idea of Lambert becoming Queen’s new frontman!

Exciting. But is it a good move?

Says May: “[We] definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with [Lambert] at some point. It’s not like we, as Queen, would rush into coalescing with another singer just like that. It isn’t that easy. But I’d certainly like to work with Adam. That is one amazing instrument he has there.”

Physically, there may not be too close of a resemblance, but the vocals can be considered comparable.

What do YOU think?

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