Finally! Navid gets some more airtime, and we get to hear more Farsi – even if the accents aren’t perfect – on Beverly Hills 90210.On last night’s episode, Navid took Adrianna home to tell his parents that he was going to marry her. His Persian parents reacted unlike any Persian parents we know – especially for hearing that their 16-year old son/heir is planning on getting married to his teen-aged pregnant girlfriend – but hey, it is television.

As Navid broke the news, his parents were shocked for a minute, but then began to make arrangements for the care-taking of the baby that they thought was their “blood”, because “family takes care of family”.

But once Navid mentioned that he was not the biological father of his girl’s unborn child, his parents just called him “divooneh” (crazy).

In the end, Navid was in for a surprise himself as he found out that the baby’s real father is Ty, and not someone from Adrianna’s rehab facility stay. But his Persian-boy passion drives him to slam the door in fury, bring Adrianna to heavy tears with a few words, and yet after the fourth door-slam, come back to put a ring on her finger; telling her to “never take it off”.

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