Recently, Teimory Industries, Iran’s most renowned furniture producer, joined forces with designers Arash and Kelly  to work on a new system of contemporary contract furniture. Their first piece is called: The Muscle Man.

The Muscle Man is a multifunctional, modular seating system.

Easy-to-build components and mechanisms offer flexibility,  while seating layouts can be adapted and updated easily to meet the demands of the environments they serve.

This concept sits snugly within the Teimory ethos of providing well-conceived, high quality, and long-lasting solutions.

Teimory Industries was established in 1950. Since its establishment its products have furnished leading universities, municipal libraries, as well as major galleries and Mosques all over Iran.

Prototypes of “The Muscle Man” will be available for viewing in Spring 2010 in Iran and will be on show in the UK in the Fall of 2010.

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