Do you watch Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker?

Neither do we.

But, we did catch the episode featuring the Persian moneybags known as: David Golshan, who was discovered at an L.A. lounge by a Millionaire Matchmaker casting director.

His onscreen antics suaded even comedienne Chelsea Handler to send a warning to him,  ”you give your people a bad name.”  When we asked David what he had to say in rebutall to the Chelsea Lately host, he had this to say: “Chelsea Handler, she has a book called ‘My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands‘. What? The title ‘I’m a F%$#ing Whore’ was taken?”

“But really it’s an honor to be talked about by somebody that’s been fingered more than Eddie Van Halen’s guitar,” he goes on. Ending with, “when did sitting around with other unfunny comedians, reciting canned jokes from the [nineties] get you your own show? Then I found out she was dating the owner of E!, plus, the funniest thing to come out of her mouth is Jimmy Kimmel’s penis.”


What we’ve learned however, is that Chelsea’s silver-fox of a boyfriend, Ted Harbert,  is not just the “overseeing big-wig” at E!, he is the President and CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group. (Nice catch Chelsea.)

Given, Millionaire Matchmaker is a reality-television show, and savvy watchers know that editing can help portray a person or situation in certain ways, so maybe David’s character was slightly pushed over the taaze-be-doroon(nouveau riche) cliff a tiny bit too? We may never find out.

“My parents wanted me to be a brain surgeon or lawyer and I took alcoholism in college instead and since I enjoyed it so much, I made a career out of it. I took a class in Vodka, and a couple of courses in Martini and Tequila,” admits the young millionaire.

And… judging from that statement alone: we think Chelsea and David have a lot more in common than possibly perceived by either side.

Below is’s exclusive interview with David. Enjoy!



PE: Where did you grow up?
DG: I was born in NY and raised right here in the mean streets of Beverly Hills. Did you know, unfortunately 1 out of every 3 children grows up here with a cappuccino machine.

How did you get involved in the show?
I was at a lounge on Sunset Blvd. doing what I do best (drinking alcohol), there was an attractive woman with a little bit of that LA attitude in the corner. I wanted to crack her up so I walked right over to her and said “Hey, you have two choices. You can either stop staring at me or I can call security and have you taken out of here.” She laughed. That woman was the casting director for the show.

What are your thoughts on the Matchmaker herself?
Patti is definitely off her rocker. She can definitely get along with people at an insane asylum. But she is entertaining and carries the show along. I admire that.

Do you feel as though you were portrayed correctly?
Lets see, I was portrayed as a rich outrageous jerk who made a miraculous transformation in 50-minute plus commercials… hmmmm.

Did you really choose those girls or were you forced to choose a couple for the show’s sake?
I really did choose Katy. She was sweet and funny, JUST like me.

How do you feel about Persian girls? Too much to handle?
What? I love Persian girls. We probably have the sexiest women of any ethnicity (Brazilian is good too). But back to Persian. As long as you’re not a “born again virgin” or F.O.B, im totally in. Sign me up!

What do you do?
Im a fashion man. I own a retail fashion company. We sell through catalogs, I’m really into it.

Where can our single readers who may be interested in you stay updated on your life adventures?
Check out my Facebook page. But don’t send me invitations for Hilla’s 21st Birthday party 10 times a day!

Should we expect to see you on any other reality shows coming up?
Haha. I’m not a reality show whore! But I will be in a romantic comedy about finding the highest quality woman in the shortest amount of time! It will shoot this summer. Hopefully, you’ll like it!