Born in Iran and a celebrity in her own right, Metal Sanaz is a regular on the metal-music scene and she’s got something to say.

Recently we got to chat with the metal goddes herself on her life, work, and daily adventures.




Were were you born?
I was born in Iran.

When was the last time you visited Iran?
Last time I went there was about 8 years ago.

Do you speak and/or write Farsi?
Yes I speak and write, I actually graduated there!

What was the first metal song you heard, and how old were you?
It was Ozzy at his concert in Dallas TX when I was 7.

What was the first metal album you bought?
Hmmm, I actually took all my step dad’s tapes.  I think it was Ozzy, AC/DC and a few more.

How did you get into the metal scene?
Well my first show at 7 was when I became very interested in the whole scene.


When did you get into the metal scene?
Well, as I grew older it became more and more a part of my life and it never went away. As the time went by, I just wanted and needed it more in my life.

Who are your favorite top 3 bands?
Well my all time favorites that I loved since childhood were: Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Slayer.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career?
Biggest goal is to connect fans with bands, give smaller bands a chance to show their talent, help and promote the metal scene in any way possible… and what ever else that it takes.

What’s your favorite Persian dish?
Yummmy, I love a dish called Ghormeh Sabzi… [if you haven’t tried it and] if you have a Persian restaurant, make sure you try the dish.

What are your upcoming appearances?
Well I have my own line of iPods and Nano’s that are coming out, so we are planning on a party for the release, but not sure of the date yet.

What was your favorite live show ever?
Black Sabbath, first show that I saw. The show was soo amazing that there was no turning back.

Do you play any instruments yourself?
No, but I am very good at pushing the play button.

Do you style your own look all the time?
Oh yes.



Do you sing?
I did a track with Scum Of The Earth, that was my first time ever, and I would love to do more.

Can you share a favorite story about an interview you conducted?
I think the most important interview I ever did was the first time I met my god: Kerry King. I was very nervous and almost backed out because he was having a drink talking to a friend and I had to interrupt him for the interview. But after talking to him and seeing how humble and down to earth he was, [it] changed a lot of things in my head and I will never forget things like that. He is truly an amazing guitarist and person.

Is Dave Navarro as hot in person as he is on the screen?
Oh yeah, he is and very fuckin’ cool as well. I just love Dave and its always a pleasure hanging out with him.

Will we ever see you on network Tv? Maybe even a reality show just for kicks?
Yes, it’s all in the works as we speak but I do want everyone to know that it isn’t going to be a nonsense dating show cause that is NOT what I am about. So it will be [something related to] METAL!

How can your fans stay current on your adventures?
For now the best way to keep in touch with what I do is to check my myspace page because I post just about everything that is going on with me. My website is being redone and soon everyone can go to my site and enjoy things that they have never seen on myspace.


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