Original Image Via CW
Original Image Via CW

Did you watch 90210 last night?


We were wearing our “persian-critic” glasses as we watched, and to our super-duper pleasant surprise… we got to hear some Farsi, – yes, even a simple Khorresht  (stew) and Tonbak (persian drums) mention counts in our book – see Navid’s family, and get a sense for some Persian hospitality.

Adriana, Navid’s new girlfriend, showed up to Navid’s parents’ gigantic Persian-Palace in an effort to spend some time with Navid, and ended up meeting his whole family, including his mom Atousa (whose accent is more Greek sounding than Persian), dad, sisters, and cousins: Alex, Iraj, Anoush, et. al.

As you can tell, we were loving the mentions, but the Arabic music in the background and Navid’s proclamation that he’s a virgin (yes, virgin) did throw us off the authenticity bus a little, but… don’t get us wrong we definitely appreciate the effort 90210’s producers are now making, really, we do!

Keep it up.

You’ve got our Persian audience hooked!